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The Thrive of Islam

These are facts:

Mayor of London ... MUSLIM
Mayor of Birmingham ... MUSLIM
Mayor of Leeds ... MUSLIM
Mayor of Blackburn ... MUSLIM
Mayor of Sheffield ... MUSLIM
Mayor of Oxford ... MUSLIM
Mayor of Luton ... MUSLIM
Mayor of Oldham ... MUSLIM
Mayor of Rockdale ... MUSLIM.

Over 3,000 Muslim Mosques
Over 130 Muslim Sharia Courts
Over 50 Muslim Sharia Councils
Muslims-Only No-Go Areas Across The UK.
Muslim Women ... 78% don't work and are on  FREE benefits/housing.
Muslim Men ... 63% don't work and are on FREE benefits/housing.
Muslim Families 6-8 children planning to go on FREE benefits/housing.
Now all UK schools are ONLY serving HALAL MEAT !

All this achieved by just 4 million Muslims out of the 66 million population!!!
This is an eye opening for all non-Muslims - .....   ..... Forward this if you are concerned!!!

Turkey is in the present day Europe and partly in Asia.
■Apostle Paul was a citizen of Turkey because Tarsus exists in Turkey.
■Christianity existed in Turkey for about 1,023 years while Christianity has only existed in Nigeria and Ghana for 172yrs starting from when Rev. Birch Freeman came to Badagry in 1842.
■The seven churches Jesus spoke to in Revelations 2 & 3(Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea) existed in the old Turkey.
■Turkey once had the largest Christian auditorium in Europe called Hagia Sophia in Constantinople.
■Mary the mother of Jesus was taken to Turkey by Apostle John and till date, her room has become a tourist centre.

■Present day Turkey now has 96% muslims & 0.02% Christians(less than 130,000).
■The Hagia Sophia(once largest church in Europe) was taken over by muslims and converted to a mosque for over 400yrs and later used as an Islamic Museum.

■Emphasis on doctrinal differences weakened the Turkish church.
■Rivalries amongst denominations.
■Petty politics in church coupled with ethnic biases.
■The Turks were building big cathedrals instead of building men.

■Osman Ghazi discovered the disunity amongst Christians and used it to fight a Jihad that led to a mass genocide of the Armenians, the Hellen and Turks of that day. In fact, the weapon of war used was designed by a Turkish Christian.
■Many Christian women converted to Islam to save their lives and some were raped and killed.
■Osman Ghazi started the Ottoman empire which gave muslims political post and made it a religion of the state.

■Virtually all the mistakes the church in Turkey made, the churches in most nations have made it.
■We are building Cathedrals at the expense of discipling men.
■Disunity amongst churches.
■Ethnicity in the church.
■Denominational rivalry, etc.
■Sharp division along doctrinal lines.

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Posted by Godfrey Gad

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Shehu Abubakar26 Feb 2018



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